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  1. That message from support doesn't seem helpful. But then, I am assuming you are being sarcastic.
  2. Exactly! It's frustrating and dramatically slows down one's work. Terrible, terrible behavior. The opposite of what you want an update to do.
  3. Yes, I'm sorry, I meant Cmd-Tab, not Alt-Tab. I am using Version 6.12.1 (455454 App Store) on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. The behavior I am seeing is not as you describe, i.e., whatever window last had focus still does. For me, it is automatically the main Evernote window, all the time.
  4. Until I recently updated Evernote on Mac OS X, pressing Alt-Tab from another application would bring me back to the last Evernote window I was working in, whether it was an individual note window or the main Evernote window. Now, pressing Alt-Tab automatically displays the main Evernote window, regardless of whether I had previously been working in that window. This is ridiculous and unproductive because it now forces users to use two sets of keystrokes to return to the specific note they are looking at. This is regressive. If this is not a bug, I strongly suggest the design tea
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