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  1. I keep a "_templates - Car" note in my "Accumulator" Notebook (Default notebook, first alphabetically). For each Car (we have eight Subaru's in the family) I collect the specifics like Plate, Plate Due, Inspection Month, VIN, Primary Driver, Tire size, etc. For the Driver, I put a link to the appropriate driver's contact note (yes, there is a "_templates - Contact"). I use the same link approach for the Dealership contact, the Tire Store contact, Insurance agent contact, Etc. I have a "Garage" Notebook where the "cars" notes get parked. "Contacts" notes go in "Contacts Notebook" and in my "Library Notebook", I have car manuals in PDF format, attached to notes. Yep, I link them to the correct cars. The "garage" tag works well for all the notes, but the links are what make it terrific. Quickly jumping from the car to the manual, back to service records, and then have which oil and filter are required on the screen when I call the autoparts store on the cell is very efficient. When I arrive at the parts store, my order is all boxed! When I identify a "field" that should be in the template (let's say Engine, then I add it to the template and also put it on my "to-do-list" to add the field to the other car's notes when I have a moment.) My templates are still a bit dynamic, but getting more useful all the time. Linking saves a huge amount of data entry. Templates make it so you can find the right piece of data faster.
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