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  1. Only if you have a local and recent backup from icloud.
  2. Www.evernote.com, go to products, penultimate e support.
  3. Guys, I ve created a support case to EN and they want my sys logs, that means I think you all should do the same to show them that this is not an isolated problem but a general issue. Like someone said earlier, how can I trust in this tool again? I am a project manager and I manage to do lists and meeting minutes on the tool. All of this was lost, I am back to Notetaker HD until I get trust on this again. Shame.
  4. And it happened again... All my updates from this week were lost when today I syncronized again. So I will stop using Penultimate for a while and get back to Notetaker HD which is more reliable and I dont lose work.
  5. Yes, agree, this is the right word... Frustrating... You pay, trust in a tool, embrace it, include in your life and you get that and no one from EN say a single line. For me this is a problem of the new version to control the updates and it just imported what was in the server without checking the last date.
  6. Apparently this may be solved now... Probably was the huge amount of people updating at same time and syncing with evernote, only yesterday I got the docs, but when it updated, I lost the updates from last week, like the restaore was done with a previous version of the documents. For me this is a HUGE bug, because it compromise the liability of EN on guarding our data. I lost plenty of meeting minutes pictures, notes... affffff
  7. I would request also to improve the lefty hand people writing (like me). Creating a full screen mode without the title and buttons above would solve this...
  8. I lost my last week updates when changed to new version of Penultimate and it synced, anyone had the same?
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