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  1. Only if you have a local and recent backup from icloud.
  2. Www.evernote.com, go to products, penultimate e support.
  3. Guys, I ve created a support case to EN and they want my sys logs, that means I think you all should do the same to show them that this is not an isolated problem but a general issue. Like someone said earlier, how can I trust in this tool again? I am a project manager and I manage to do lists and meeting minutes on the tool. All of this was lost, I am back to Notetaker HD until I get trust on this again. Shame.
  4. And it happened again... All my updates from this week were lost when today I syncronized again. So I will stop using Penultimate for a while and get back to Notetaker HD which is more reliable and I dont lose work.
  5. Yes, agree, this is the right word... Frustrating... You pay, trust in a tool, embrace it, include in your life and you get that and no one from EN say a single line. For me this is a problem of the new version to control the updates and it just imported what was in the server without checking the last date.
  6. I would request also to improve the lefty hand people writing (like me). Creating a full screen mode without the title and buttons above would solve this...
  7. I lost my last week updates when changed to new version of Penultimate and it synced, anyone had the same?
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