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  1. ..."but for the sake of god STOP THE POPUP !!!" It is truly annoying, and I'd rather not edit my registry. Also, it would be great if there were a hotkey for the 'indent paragaph' and 'outdent paragraph' buttons. It would certainly speed my workflow." THANKS!
  2. I didn't use to have this problem until I built a new computer. Like the earlier post, I don't use IE. I mainly use Firefox. I also use plenty of other cloud based applications-- iCloud, DropBox, toodledo, teamworkPM, etcetera. They all work fine with no IE, or IE in "offline mode." This is an issue Evernote should fix.0 Evernote users should not be required to do a registry repair just to use the product. Seriously. Evernote fits a great niche in cloud computing, and I've grown to adopt some of the trunk applications, but this annoying pop up window about IE seems ludicrous. Virtually no other cloud program I use has this "problem," and it is a problem. I sincerely hope this is taken care of in a future release-- after all, it can't be that difficult a fix, can it? BTW, I never set IE to offline mode, the only time I ever used it was to download Firefox. thanks, Daniel O'Connell
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