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  1. I have a Galaxy Note2, amazing device! Only problem is finding the prefect writing app that I can go across platforms with. I use s-note but it does not work well with evernote and it's not cross platform. If you produce Penultimate for android I can then sync it with my iphone mac and pc...What a result! I have tried nearly all the handwrighting notetaking apps on the droid and if Penultimate comes to the platform with s-pen integration, (making sure it can at least do what the s-note can) with seamless integration in evernote, you would seriously clean up! I'm just not using evernote that much at the moment as im stuck with a not perfect solution of note taking. Penultimate would be that perfect solution for most of us out here and for a lot of people who dont even know they need it yet! If this product was on the market you would get your ROI, I'm sure of that. Heres to hoping for the product and some communication with your potential ambassadors of your products.
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