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  1. Hey all, I am thinking of getting a Doxie scanner to make scanning more convenient for other members of my family. My current scanner will not scan long receipts (over 14"). I have quite a few long receipts that I need to scan. For those that already own a Doxie One or Doxie Go, will they can receipts over 14" or do they have to be less? Thanks in advance, Rob Hix
  2. Danny, Do you have a valid Windows license? If so, you could use a virtual machine to run the Evernote client. I currently run windows all around, but I am considering going to Linux to make some things easier (maintenance, etc.). There are still a few programs that I use in Windows that have no Linux equivalent so I need to run back to Windows every now and then. This is what I am considering as a solution over Wine. Just a thought. Rob
  3. gazumped, I have tried that also and it is not working either. If this is working with other people and the current version, maybe I need to reinstall the application! Rob Hix
  4. No, it is not. It is simply a folder sitting out on my C: drive.
  5. Ok, (1) The folder was created on the C: drive and as far as I know is a real conventional folder. If not, Windows 7 is doing something weird on me. (2) I have tried using old PDFs and even creating a text file and copying it over and this is still not working. I do not mind adding them manually, but I would like for it to be automatic so when my wife scans stuff there would be less for her to rememeber. Thanks again, Rob Hix
  6. Good evening fellow Evernoters: I did a lot of research into using the import folders feature this week and set it up this weekend. I was really excited to get some scanning done. My scanner is putting documents in C:\ScanTemp and I am setting up the import folder to take items (PDF files) from this folder and put them in notes in the !ScanInput folder (non-synced folder). Something about this is not working. I have looked at everything I can find here. Can anyone help me out. All of my files sizes are below 5 kB and I have tried copying the files out of the folder and back into it. All of this and still nothing working. I am using Evernote version (261696) Public. I am not a Premium user. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of scanning I would like to get done tonight. Thanks in advance, Rob Hix
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