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  1. Evernote is doing a great job adding business friendly features, and I really want to recommend it to my company. However, this is one of the things on my short list of must have features for a personal endorsement. Restricting full search capability for a business library down to 250 joined notebooks, which as I understand is really a (PC or Mac) downloaded client limitation, does not make sense. Too much knowledge could be in the (<= 4,750) business notebooks you can't see that EN has most certainly indexed in their great search engine. There needs to be a way at least within the web client to search all business library notes to which you have privileges, even if you are not joined to them. It would be even better if these same (non-joined) search results were passed into the PC/Mac client, perhaps as a snippet, but I could live without that as long as they were available somewhere. Probably the next highest item on my list, which is somewhat related based on what notes you should be allowed to search, is the ability to have user security on the business library. This comes up during almost every webinar demo based on the recaps I have read. Today anyone on a business account has access to everything in the business library. User groups/admin is necessary so, for example, the entire company doesn't have access to personnel records. And yes, on both these issues I know there are workarounds (e.g., using tags instead of notebooks and discrete sharing of personal notebooks). However, I don't believe those are acceptable alternatives for a business application based on either inherent functionality (can't store tagged notes offline) or personally intuitive (notebook/folder visualization) limitations.
  2. Thank you all for your research. I am still confused about limitations on notes and notebooks in the business edition, and I am wanting to promote Evernote for use in my company. I don't feel Evernote has made this clear in the documentation, and I have spent a fair amount of time looking. From a business webinar recap (4/19 I think), there was a statement that you can have 250 personal and 250 joined/linked notebooks. In the developer documentation, there are references to 5,000 notebooks and 500,000 notes per business "account". From the support call above the term "synchronized" has been added to the mix. Here is my interpretation of all the above. Someone please clarify where I am mistaken. A user can have 250 personal notebooks and 100,000 personal notes, which matches the premium account limits. The 250 personal notebooks can all either be shared or linked to. The business library can have 5,000 notebooks and 500,000 notes independent of an individual user's account. All content in the business library (5,000/500,000) is available to be synchronized, and by inference joined, back to a business users desktop client Thanks
  3. I am referring back to an earlier cross-referenced post by Heather on OCR limitations as well as the knowledgebase. Evernote apparently now will OCR a file up to 50 MB (instead of 25) and 100 pages. My question is what happens when a large file has already been OCR'd before it is added to Evernote. Specifically, will Evernote index the text and make it searchable?
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