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  1. I completely agree. Most of the snippets I would put into Evernote would be entered by copy/paste, but native support for highlighting and formatting would mean that I could update my snippets directly in Evernote on the fly.
  2. I'm a developer and I love my code snippets libraries. However, my snippets are all over the place -- in local files, in Dropbox, in Google Drive, on Github, on USB thumb drives, etc. It's a chore keeping up with them. I've used some code library apps on OS X and Windows. They're ok. Some of them even backup to cloud services. None of the good ones are cross-platform though, so you end up using the app on one system, but rewriting files on the other. This seems silly to me. I'd like to use Evernote as a code snippets library because I use Evernote everywhere. It already has all the features I would want. I could tag my snippets, keep them in folders, search my library, share my snippets and access them everywhere. The only thing missing are the most important features: Auto-formatting and Syntax Highlighting. There are plenty of open-source tools for doing this on the web. SyntaxHighlighter by Alex Gorbatchev is one of them. Even this forum has very basic support for embedding code into a note. See? <div id="example" class="code"><p>Some not-so-beautifully formatted code. But it's a start.</p></div> The most practical implementation would be a button somewhere in the editor. Maybe next to the highlighter icon, or include it in the Justification drop-down. In any case, please consider it because it would be amazing.
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