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  1. Does anyone know if/when this functionality will be re-added? It was a critical part of my workflow, missing it very much as it provides a ton of clarity for focus for those of us with a lot of tags. Thanks-Aaron
  2. Would love to finally be able to tag notebooks. Then have a list of the tags available so user can see only notebooks with selected tags. Better than folders since can have multiple tags on a given notebook. The neu.Notes app does tags beautifully as you can select: All tags (show all notebooks) No tags (show untagged notebooks) Specified tag (show only there selected tag) Combinations of tags (ideally an ANY statement to pull any tags selected and a ALL statement to show only notebooks with all the selected tags) But even an extremely basic tagging implementation would be celebrated...I've been waiting years for Penultimate to allow this. Tagging at the notebook level is most important but tagging pages within notebooks would also be cool.
  3. Search should prioritize typed notebook names. Currently search returns mostly wrong results in the handwritten text, and appears to present them in random order. For example an incorrect handwriting result from a old little-used notebook shows up at the top of the results, while a perfect match on the text title of a recently used notebook is much lower in the results. Suggest you prioritize perfect text matches in notebook titles, then perfect text matches within the notebooks, then fuzzy handwriting results. Or at least order the results according to recent usage. Thanks.
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