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  1. I'm in med-school, and pretty much all the notes I take are important, so after doing the password reset, I lost all of this week's and last's notes. I did everything the support forum said to do. Yes, I logged in from all my devices with my username and my e-mail address from both, the app and the website. After sending a couple of e-mails to the EN staff, and getting a response the very next day with the same suggestions, I sent my last e-mail and got a life-saving answer from Martin Schoffler. I have so much to thank him. He gave me two options on retrieving my notes, without reassuring me 100% that they would be there. The steps he gave me to follow made me hopeless because I couldn't find my notes, but when I kept on looking just about everywhere (in this software I'll tell you about in a moment) I finally found them. The info was a little off, but I DON'T CARE, Martin gave me the key to finding the notes. So here it goes you guys. Install this program: http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer/ to your desktop. Connect your device (iPad, iPhone, whatever) and open up iExplorer. Click continue with demo in the bottom right corner. You'll see this: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s225/sh/8c9fc864-059d-43e3-9dd3-bac0f311bcf7/6a55e4ff99a634d094089ce37552d0c5 Double click on apps to the left: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s225/sh/088ac72b-fcd5-4641-a75b-6cc7ec890d5e/e61b976d3d75365aaf8ea56791af84c1 Then go to Evernote > Library > Caches > www.evernote.com > yourusername - check all the folders here for your notes. Please also check in Evernote > tmp for any files, as they may be located here.This route didn't work for me, so as I said earlier, I kept on looking and I finally found them under: Apps>Evernote>Documents>www.evernote.com>my username in my case, I had my username, my e-mail adress, and another e-mail address I had used before as my primary e-mail. Check all your usernames or e-mails by clicking on the arrow beside your username. My notes were under a tab titled "Pending". I guess it refers to a pending sync, which obviously never happened. Once you see your notes' preview (on the right) under very weird numeric titles, right click and choose to open with your web browser, then just copy and paste to word, and SAVE YOUR FILES! I really hope this helps you guys. This saved my life. If you have any doubts, I'm no expert but you can PM me and I'll be glad to help as Martin helped me. Thank-God for these life-saving softwares. Good luck! Jackie
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