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  1. What product is that? I'm struggling with the limitations of Penultimate (No built-in Pencil support for 1-finger scrolling, lasso tool not selecting everything, organization), and would love to have another tool that easily syncs to Evernote.
  2. Ah. I didn't know about the ESC shortcut to end it. That does make it quite a bit quicker. Thanks.
  3. I know about the hotkey, but when all I need to do is record a single thought, the new note window requires too many steps. I just want to hit a hotkey, type my sentence, and have the window disappear until I open up Evernote later.
  4. I've found the New Note option in Evernote to be a little too clunky when I want to just add a quick note or thought to my Evernote inbox. I'd love the option to just pop open a small dialog box, type in some text, hit Enter, and have it disappear. I've worked around the issue with Launchy and ENScript.exe, but it's not quite perfect. I'm sure the Evernote crew could do better.
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