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  1. Thanks all. I use windows. I will try the default to size 14 mention above and report back!
  2. All, I embed tables in some of my shared pages and it drives me crazy when I'm entering new information or editing the words in a box and the font size reverts from my preferred 14 to the tiny 10. This happens all the time, even though I highlight the entire table and change the size to 14. Say I have one word in one box, I format the box to size 14, so it's big enough to read. If I were to highlight and delete that word, and write in a new word, the new word would be written in default size ten. The same thing happens with bolded words. Anyone know how to make this stop? It's a total design flaw and it makes it a total pain to modify/edit stuff. David
  3. Not allowing me to make a business notebook my default notebook is the dumbest f*cking thing I've ever seen. Why is this not possible? I'm a small business owner and my personal life is my business life. I just migrated all of my personal notebooks to business notebooks because it was driving me crazy to search on a general basis and only see personal OR business results. I wanted to see both but couldn't because of that stupid wall between personal and business. Now I have migrated everything over to business and I can't delete the personal note account or nominate a business notebook to be my default notebook. So now when I email files into Evernote they are literally the only files in my personal account. WHY IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE MY DEFAULT FOLDER A BUSINESS FOLDER? WHY CAN I NOT DELETE MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT. HOW MANY PEOPLE EMAIL SH*T TO THEMSELVES AT WORK AND END UP GETTING THE EMAILS IN THEIR PERSONAL NOTEBOOKS? WHY DOES EVERNOTE CONTROL THIS AND NOT THE USERS? PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.
  4. I just downloaded this to my ipad. Quick questions for you. I am in sales and would like to connect notes to various buildings in the marketplace. Is there an option to have the map in a satellite view? also, is there a download for my PC (work) or Mac (home) that allows me to do the laborious task of moving dots from my office (where the client note was created to the buildings that the client is located? I'd rather not do it on my ipad.
  5. Did this issue ever get resolved? I a m a traveling salesman as well and would like to be able to pin my notes to a specific location.
  6. Browncoat is exactly the type of poster that I talk about here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51728-connecting-notes-to-geographical-locations-through-atlas/ He is what I refer to as an Evernote Theologian. No, let's not talk about obvious problems that afflict Atlas… Let's quibble over whether this is a similar or identical post to another complaint against the O'Holy Evernote. I love Evernote, but recoil from such dogmatic defenses to our beloved Evernote. Give me a break. The problem is that Atlas is poorly designed, rigid and practically useless for many users--Including me. You can't even change the name of the town when Atlas misplaces where you created the note. This should have been handled well before it went live. It seems to me that Evernote thought that there would be enough developers out there to take Atlas and make it useful. There aren't, so now we have a useless program that portends greatness but stews in mediocrity. I have yet to see one post about Atlas that raves about how great and user friendly it is… -DH
  7. FYI: Above I used a word that rhymes with RAP and not an expletive. I'm not sure why it was **** out. I believe credibility is lost when cursing on forums, etc. I am very sincere in my belief that Atlas is a half-baked program and very worthless. I wish someone from Evernote would let us know how they plan on improving it so that we have more control of it. DH
  8. I cannot believe that no one has posted a solution for this. I would love to see a response from the Evernote genius who came up with Atlas. The answer from what I see is THAT THERE IS NO SOLUTION BECAUSE ATLAS IS WORTHLESS. You can't change the location of the dot on the map, you can't change the name of the town you live in if Atlas calls it by some other name and you can't post a note to a specific location on the map as I've pointed out here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51728-connecting-notes-to-geographical-locations-through-atlas/ Shame on the evernote koolaid drinkers and evernote employees that read your post and choose to ignore it because they didn't want to acknowledge that Atlas in its current form is *****. -DH
  9. I am wondering if there are any evernote employees that can provide any guidance on why Atlas is so lame and unable to do what you highlight above. Also, it cannot help me as outlined here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51728-connecting-notes-to-geographical-locations-through-atlas/ Any work arounds or advice would be much appreciated. DH
  10. All, I am wondering if anyone has developed a simple mapping tool that allows me to take my existing notes and pin them to places on a google map as outlined in the discussion here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51728-connecting-notes-to-geographical-locations-through-atlas/ As highlighted in the example. If I'm at my home and typing up a nice note about the coliseum in Rome, I want to fly into Rome and look at my phone and see on the map where I am vis a vis the note that I created for the coliseum and any other historical places I might want to visit. I'm picturing a batchgeo that has evernote notes accessible on the pins. It can't be that hard to make--right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anyone have anything coming down the pipeline for this capability? Thanks, DH
  11. Dougie, I want to do exactly what you did for your trip to scotland. Can you help me out? http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51728-connecting-notes-to-geographical-locations-through-atlas/ -DH
  12. kpf, Did you ever resolve this? I think that you and I are looking for the same thing! We just want to use atlas in a way that makes sense! http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51728-connecting-notes-to-geographical-locations-through-atlas/ Please let me know DH
  13. Gazumped, Thanks for your response. I do appreciate you taking the time to send me info on Shifu but I looked into it and it seems to be more of a productivity tool than what I am looking for… I don't want reminders attached to places on the map. I don't want any type of notification when I'm nearby or anything like that. I just want my existing notes to be tied to a place on the map of my choosing, not where it was created. The more I dig and research, the less I understand the point of Atlas. I look at it now and 95% of my notes were created at my office or at my house… What does this tell me? That I need to update Evernote from different locales? I can't be the only one who is frustrated by this. Even if I did create a note for a client of mine in the lobby of his building, what if he moved and I wanted to move the note to his new location? Would I have to drive to his new location to tie a note to the lobby of his next building? What I am looking for is something quite simple. Something like Evernote notes tied to batchgeo (http://batchgeo.com) which has an interface a million times better than Atlas (it is google maps for those who are unfamiliar). It would be nice to open up Atlas from your computer and choose a geographic location for one or all of your notes so that when you were there, you could pull up Evernote Atlas on your mobile and see that you are standing within 10 feet or 10 miles from a note that you specifically placed in a location of your choosing. Based on the example I provide above, say that I am at home and I want to spend an hour researching the coliseum before an upcoming trip to Rome. Wouldn't it be convenient for me to create a note at home, geo-tag it to the coliseum in Rome, and when I arrive in Rome a week later, be able to look at Atlas at my hotel and see that I am only a mile or two away from the coliseum? Evernote theologians (people who seem to think that Evernote in its current form is perfect, feel that they must protect Evernote at all costs, and are resistant to change) might say, "Why don't you just search Evernote for the coliseum note when you are standing in front of the coliseum?" to which I might respond, "Because I plan on seeing 15 different things in Rome and I want to create notes for each, and see the geo-location of each relative to where I am standing when I'm there." I have looked into "travel apps" and none of them seem to have this basic function. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The technology clearly exists to do this. I don't understand why it seems impossible.
  14. Hello, I am looking to tie specific notes to specific places on a map. I know that I'm not the only person that wants to do this that uses Evernote... I don't want to have to create the note in that location because I will probably create it at my office or home and then access the information AT THAT LOCATION. I want to be able to move it around by typing in an address or simply picking it up and moving it on the screen. For Instance, I am in sales and I would like to put a dot on a map that shows each customer that I have in a given region. I am not picky! I would be ecstatic with any map that has aerial/map views (google, apple, bing, mapquest?--whatever!) This would also be helpful when I travel. I could put information on the coliseum for when I travel to Rome for instance... One might think that this simple request would be easily accommodated in Atlas. It is not. The map has no layer functionality and you can't simply move the dots around to wherever you want. Maybe I'm missing something, so I come to this distinguished forum for some assistance. -David PS: I don't want to hear from that one dude who is always pushing Golater because I checked it out and it will not help me. I want this mapping functionality to be accessible on ALL devices, not just my iphone. I want to be able to pull it up on my computer which makes me think that somehow manipulating Atlas might be my best route.
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