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  1. Thanks all. I use windows. I will try the default to size 14 mention above and report back!
  2. All, I embed tables in some of my shared pages and it drives me crazy when I'm entering new information or editing the words in a box and the font size reverts from my preferred 14 to the tiny 10. This happens all the time, even though I highlight the entire table and change the size to 14. Say I have one word in one box, I format the box to size 14, so it's big enough to read. If I were to highlight and delete that word, and write in a new word, the new word would be written in default size ten. The same thing happens with bolded words. Anyone know how to make this stop? It's a total design flaw and it makes it a total pain to modify/edit stuff. David
  3. Not allowing me to make a business notebook my default notebook is the dumbest f*cking thing I've ever seen. Why is this not possible? I'm a small business owner and my personal life is my business life. I just migrated all of my personal notebooks to business notebooks because it was driving me crazy to search on a general basis and only see personal OR business results. I wanted to see both but couldn't because of that stupid wall between personal and business. Now I have migrated everything over to business and I can't delete the personal note account or nominate a business notebook to be my default notebook. So now when I email files into Evernote they are literally the only files in my personal account. WHY IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE MY DEFAULT FOLDER A BUSINESS FOLDER? WHY CAN I NOT DELETE MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT. HOW MANY PEOPLE EMAIL SH*T TO THEMSELVES AT WORK AND END UP GETTING THE EMAILS IN THEIR PERSONAL NOTEBOOKS? WHY DOES EVERNOTE CONTROL THIS AND NOT THE USERS? PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.
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