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  1. Thanks all. I use windows. I will try the default to size 14 mention above and report back!
  2. All, I embed tables in some of my shared pages and it drives me crazy when I'm entering new information or editing the words in a box and the font size reverts from my preferred 14 to the tiny 10. This happens all the time, even though I highlight the entire table and change the size to 14. Say I have one word in one box, I format the box to size 14, so it's big enough to read. If I were to highlight and delete that word, and write in a new word, the new word would be written in default size ten. The same thing happens with bolded words. Anyone know how to make this stop? It's a total design flaw and it makes it a total pain to modify/edit stuff. David
  3. Not allowing me to make a business notebook my default notebook is the dumbest f*cking thing I've ever seen. Why is this not possible? I'm a small business owner and my personal life is my business life. I just migrated all of my personal notebooks to business notebooks because it was driving me crazy to search on a general basis and only see personal OR business results. I wanted to see both but couldn't because of that stupid wall between personal and business. Now I have migrated everything over to business and I can't delete the personal note account or nominate a business notebook to be my default notebook. So now when I email files into Evernote they are literally the only files in my personal account. WHY IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE MY DEFAULT FOLDER A BUSINESS FOLDER? WHY CAN I NOT DELETE MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT. HOW MANY PEOPLE EMAIL SH*T TO THEMSELVES AT WORK AND END UP GETTING THE EMAILS IN THEIR PERSONAL NOTEBOOKS? WHY DOES EVERNOTE CONTROL THIS AND NOT THE USERS? PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.
  4. I just downloaded this to my ipad. Quick questions for you. I am in sales and would like to connect notes to various buildings in the marketplace. Is there an option to have the map in a satellite view? also, is there a download for my PC (work) or Mac (home) that allows me to do the laborious task of moving dots from my office (where the client note was created to the buildings that the client is located? I'd rather not do it on my ipad.
  5. All, I am wondering if anyone has developed a simple mapping tool that allows me to take my existing notes and pin them to places on a google map as outlined in the discussion here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51728-connecting-notes-to-geographical-locations-through-atlas/ As highlighted in the example. If I'm at my home and typing up a nice note about the coliseum in Rome, I want to fly into Rome and look at my phone and see on the map where I am vis a vis the note that I created for the coliseum and any other historical places I might want to visit. I'm picturing a batchgeo that has evernote notes accessible on the pins. It can't be that hard to make--right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anyone have anything coming down the pipeline for this capability? Thanks, DH
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