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  1. Noticed the same problem here. Looks okay on the iphone/ipad & web but stretched on the Mac app. Running the latest version of OS and Evernote
  2. Is there a way to permanently set the preference for the sidebar on Mac desktop? I am trying to get rid of the 'Go Premium' and 'Recent Notes' but they keep re-appearing every time I re-start the app. Cheers
  3. Thanks Jefito I'm on a mac so slightly different in so much that the menu item was "modify sharing'. Don't know why I didn't right click earlier but problem solved, thanks!
  4. Hi i cannot find any way of seeing who I am sharing a Notebook with. Is there a way of seeing this information? I am on the Plus tier if that makes a difference. Kindest Kiran
  5. Hi I've just had an email from supposed 'Evernote' with an attachment for an invoice. However i'm not sure if it is genuine but I don't want to delete it yet just in case it is. The address it arrived from is onltckfhsf@evernote.com Also, it hasn't arrived at the address my Evernote account is registered with. Can anyone verify if this is genuine, I highly suspect it isn't but it seems a huge coincidence that my recent increase in activity with Evernote has resulted in a random Evernote related email. many thanks Kiran
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply. I will raise a support ticket. I have "offline searches" enabled too, but it still doesn't work Regards
  7. Hi Gazumped Are you able to do this with no wifi, mobile data signal?
  8. Hi I have a premium account and have made all notebooks available offline, for both Android and iOS devices. I don't seem to be able to search Tags when offline with the Android. I can search for specific Notebooks and words but not Tags. It works fine on my iPad, just wondering if this is a bug on Android. Any help most appreciated. Thanks
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