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  1. Can an image be manually resized in a note, or at least automatically to fit the display? For me this is in Windows on a laptop and in an android mobile. I tried a search first, and found exactly this same subject, but then realized the conversation was in early 2012. Is this now something we can do? Also have I asked this question in the right section, Im a bit confused by all the instructions, and not sure what all the terms mean
  2. Im going to have to reorganise EN too, which is daunting. But I dont think its EN's fault, read up on reviews and comparisons, I did and it helped. Also this page has helped heaps, if only to find what not to do (that isnt working for me), eg overtagging. I think OneNote seems to be good too, and works for some people better. Im having problems with it at the moment, but I want to use both eventually.
  3. Im in a mess with my EN too so was interested in seeing the response. I ended up searching online a while ago, and found an interesting review comparing EN with OneNote. He basically said he felt one wasnt better or worse than the other, just work completely differently, so it depended on what works for us. He also said he uses both and syn's both on his phone and computer. So I tried that planning to use One Note for Plans, goals, projects etc, and the other one for General organisation. But I cant get my phone OneNote to work so I got into a worse mess lol. I realise this isnt useful, just sharing. I was incredibly impressed with the way you set up your EN the way it looks. Unless thats how it looks in mac. I think this is my first time posting in here too. You inspired me Helen
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