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  1. I decided to revisit this issue after a month of being too busy. It turns out the issue was permissions. I switched to logging in as the elevated Administrator account and noticed there was no issues. I then went back and I disabled UAC on my user account, and in the Local Security Policy:Local Policies:Security Options:User Account Control:Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode:DISABLE. Finally it works!
  2. Good call. I googled a bit ago and didn't find one, but now see there is something at: http://scansnapcommunity.com/I'll definitely post there and hope for the best. Many thanks!
  3. Have you looked closely at the error messages? Like "lnsuffícient disk drive space for creating PDF files" The problem seems obvious to me, you have insufficient disk space. One would think that except that I have a single drive on my laptop and 690GB free. I'd be surprised if it required > 690GB free. I suppose it could be a permission issue, but I'm saving to a folder under C:\Users\<username>. I've also saved there before and had no issues. It also only seems to be happening with OCR. I'm able to save other PDF files just fine.
  4. Today when I wanted to scan some receipts using the ScanSnap S1100 into EN, I was greeted with the following errors (screenshots are attached). "An error occurred with the OCR processing module" I then pressed OK and it started processing the file in EN. It then gave me the following error. "Failed to create a searchable PDF file. (0xffffff05f). Ending this process." I am running Windows 10 and have had no issues for the past 2 months. It has been about 2 weeks since I used the S1100 with EN so there may have been a few EN updates since then. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the S1100 driver and software. I can still scan to file just fine and even to EN, but I'd prefer to keep the OCR functionality. I realize I could also do the OCR later and upload to OCR, but being able to do the scan, process, OCR, insert into EN workflow in a single pass is preferable. Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. It turns out it's pretty easy to select all my notes in EN and then select "Save Attachments". That should work fine for now since I can make an offline backup of all the attachments. No need to make the process overly complex
  6. Interesting I didn't realize it was stored in a database. I'll have to look at developer forum to see if anyone has implemented an application that can suck all the attachments out of the database for storing in a different location. My concern is storing the PDFs only in the database and nowhere else. If anything ever happened to EN (unlikely at least in the near future), I'd possibly lose access to all my documents. If no solution exists, I'll probably create my own so that I don't have to rely on EN being around forever. Thanks!
  7. I'd like to upgrade to EN Premium because I am interested in the sync feature for attachments. When syncing to your computer, does it download all the attachments to a place I can access or are they stored in a proprietary format? Currently I scan using ScanSnap and it uploads to EN automatically. I then download the attachment from the new note onto my local hard drive. If I can eliminate this 2nd step through syncing, I'm sold and will sign up for Premium this weekend. Thanks!
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