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  1. If you hold down "opt", the menu item will change to "Copy Classic Note Link". I always forget to do it. Major PITA. Got it, thanks. It'd still be nice if there were multiple options in the right-click menu, but that's helpful.
  2. Hi. On OS X 10.9.2, using Evernote desktop 5.5.1, generating a note link via right-click produces an external link when pasted into the "edit note link" box (command K), but produces an internal link when pasted into an evernote note. Regardless of whether I'm hitting control or command when I select the "copy note link" option. So the "edit note link" box defaults to "out in the wild", which I get the usefulness of, but I'd like the option to be able to paste the internal link into the edit link dialog, i.e., replace an existing internal link with another internal link. Being able to choose internal or external link type in the right-click menu could solve this, maybe? Thanks, Rob
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