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  1. One additional note...I just checked my list of installed programs. Evernote 4.6.3 and 4.6.5 now appear...I tried to uninstall 4.6.3 and got the Error 2732 dialog again.
  2. Soooo... After posting about the success of being able to reinstall Evernote, I did experience the inconsistency between the version I was trying to install (4.6.4) and the version being reported in the Help screen (4.6.3). Because I had run CCleaner recently, I no longer had the version of the .msi in my AppData\Local folder, so I was forced to try the registry deletion fix. It not only worked to allow me to actually complete the installation of 4.6.4, but I was able to do an update check and find that 4.6.5 was available for download and installation. I ran through the process without issue. The help screen reported I was currently running 4.6.5, and everything seemed fine. When it first attempted to synchronize after the update, it prompted me to reenter my password. I did so, and everything appears to be as it was. As a side note, I actually performed this process on my work desktop and my personal laptop. However, my work desktop was the only machine experiencing the problem upgrading to 4.6.4. I remembered when I heard Evernote had the security breach, I didn't wait to be prompted to change my password. I changed it immediately, but only on the laptop. I don't know how much time had passed between my changing my password via the laptop and the next time I accessed Evernote on my work desktop, but I do remember receiving the update to 4.6.4 dialog on my work desktop shortly after starting Evernote for the first time since changing my password. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is possible that I tried to update Evernote using a password which was no longer in use, but which was valid the previous time I used it on that computer. This may be a contributing factor to the problems we have experienced in updating, especially for those people using Evernote on multiple computers. I'm not sure...I'm only speculating.
  3. Joe, I officially nominate you for a knighthood! (I'm nowhere near England and have zero connections to the monarchy, by the way, but I can start an Internet petition in seconds...) I've been wrestling with this problem for WEEKS: Uninstall failed with 2732 error.CCleaned, then re-ran the installer...2732.Unregistered EvernoteOL.dll, then re-ran the installer...2732.Tried to run the last version I had in AutoUpdate folder, which was 4.6.2. I never downloaded 4.6.3, so the suspicion about the problems being with that installer may not be the case.I stopped short of attacking the registry entries, so I've been waiting, reading, and Googling...waiting, reading, and Googling...then your answer. Thank you...thank you...thank you.
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