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  1. Hi Nipon, I have the same issue but not always. In fact, I feel, but I'm not sure, it mainly depends onimage quality, ligths, .... and many parameters. So, from time to time a page is shooted like a picture and next one is well captured. With Skitch you can crop the image within your app Regards
  2. In the past, I was an addicted user of a Tablet PC. Using all the times this device with handwritten notes. When moving to Android tablet, I discovered on same time EN and became a heavy user, but without handwritten capability :-( I've seen several times PenUltimate on iPad, it's so good ! I have a dream ! A dream where I could use my Nexus10 tablet with a nice stylus and taking all my notes using PenUltimate .... Is it science-fiction ? or could it be reality ?
  3. Hi, French Evernote user for both professional (SME consulting on organisation) and private use, I would like to become an Evernote Ambassador. Please give me more details. Thanks for your help Regards
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