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  1. Thank you j_stenner for taking the time to write such a good response. When I saw the post from heather, I new something had to be said but didn't want to take the time to do it.
  2. I program equipment automation for a living and for the past 15 years I have used the software from company "A". The software is good but their tech support is atrocious. A few years ago company "B" developed a software package that was just as good as A's (in some ways better and in some ways weaker). However B's tech support is wonderful, their attitude is: "How can we make this product better for our users?" If we request a feature they are quick to implement it because they know we are the ones that really sell the software. Because of this, I am slowly switching all my customers over to company B's software. Company A is losing $millions in revenue due to lost support contracts. Moral of the story: Don't ignore your early adopters/evangelists requests or they will redirect their "clients" to utilize other software.
  3. Paul, You said it perfectly. They must not use RSS... and don't seem to care that we do. I guess I won't be renewing my premium account when it lapses.
  4. This is truly an unfortunate loss. I was just setting up IFTTT to incorporate new public notes into my company's blog. When that didn't work, I switched to EverPress, and when it couldn't find my RSS feed, I knew something was up. Just canceling the RSS service without notifying users is wrong. Once I had this set up I would not have checked this blog for a few weeks which means it would not have been working and I wouldn't have even known! I realize that RSS feeds may be putting a big load on your servers, but how about supplying this service for your premium members?
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