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  1. I am referring to EVERNOTE android mobile version.▲ ▼ <--- if these arrows are equipped in the bottom area when I am reading a certain note No.1 in EVERNOTE android mobile version, I might be able to jump into the note No.2 by just one touch ( ▲ ) . TKS your comment.
  2. HI, I have saved hundreds of emails in my EVERNOTE and I found that there are no NEXT & PREVIOUS arrows in the bottom area while reading a saved email(note) in my mobile version EVERNOTE thereby it require 2 more steps to turn to the next or previous email(note). It means that I have to 1. escape from the saved email I'm reading and return to the email list page and then 2. have to choose the next email in mobile version. If it is true, I would like evernote to add these small arrows in the bottom area while reading certain note in a notebook in mobile version for the next upgrade.
  3. Hi, I am a begining user of EverNote & Ever Web Clipper(Mobile version). When you are clipping a certain webpage by Ever Web Clipper(mobile version) during websurfing outside with distance from office area.(ex. train, street, mountain), Eve Web Clipper(mobile ver)suggests 3 different clipping modes. 1. Simply 2. Styled (this is a same web style what we want ) 3. Only URL Problem is when I choose No.2 mode when mobile clipping. The result of display is not quite good as I expected when I'm back home. The clipped web contents what we see in DESKTOP PC has quite narrow paragraph width and the the width of the paragrph is only suitable size for mobile not for desktop size. I expected flexible mobile clipping result in terms of paragraph fitting size which looks convinient both in mobile and desktop. But it's not. Do you have any solution for this? ( PLS don't tell me choose No.1 as a solution. The result of No.1 looks somewhat out of date style )
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