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  1. So, I am going on a few days now using the page camera in my Galaxy 2 Phone, and my Galaxy tab 2. Both seem to be doing the trick quite well now. I am not sure what my original issue was... it just didn't work the first few times, and now it does. As far as I can see it is pretty fast too. I am just a regular Evernote user... and even my messy hand written chicken scratch is being transcribed very nicely. I am impressed! Thank you gazumped for all your helpful input! (this can only get better )
  2. So... this make no sense... being a bit of a programmer myself, but... ...it seems that if I follow these steps: 1.) Open Evernote 2.) Create a new note 3.) Tap the camera icon 4.) Tap the page camera icon 5.) Take a picture 6.) Save the note ... it all seems to work fine!! I have tried now several times... even with messy printing to printed text. If I go about this any other way, it doesn't work. Odd... but I'm happy with the result.
  3. Hmmm, I've still not been able to get this to work. Strange... More info: I am using a Samsung Galaxy II (Canadian (international) Version)... My Evernote is up to date as far as I know 5.0.3. Maybe I'll try taking a picture of a printed note next, seems hand writing isn't working for me.
  4. Hi, thanks! Hmm... seems to be my impatience may be to blame here. Silly me thought maybe this was an instant thing... I should know better. Perhaps I shall try again and wait a while, see what happens. Thanks for your help. -Richard
  5. Hi there, I hope this isn't covered elsewhere, I did a search and couldn't find much. Do you need a Moleskine Notebook to make hand written notes searchable? I wrote a note, shot it with the page camera and it's just an image... nothing on the note seemed to come up in a search. Why? Thanks!
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