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  1. I just updated to version (302292) Public, and immediately wanted to provide feedback that I'm very impressed with the speed increase so far, whether it was due to optimizations or some sort of rewrite. Thank you.
  2. I just installed Evernote 5. There's an announcements section. As soon as I click on an announcement to read it, it switches into a subdued 'read' state, with a light grey background that doesn't contrast well with the light grey lettering. It's kind of stressful on my eyes, and so I don't find that I can read through your announcements without highlighting everything.
  3. I understand why there are not filled versions of the various shapes available, but it would be useful to me to be able to add a filled but translucent rectangle, , something that looks like the highlighter, but less scribbly. Something like the attached.
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