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  1. When I upgraded to OSX Yosemite 10.10.1 and to Evernote 6.0.1 my Evernote icon in my iMac dock changed from the elephant to this. I prefer the elephant icon. What's up? Confused.
  2. Problem solved. I revisited all the settings in Scansnap and found even though it was scanning to document the jpg option was selected.
  3. I just noticed that even when it uses duplex scanning for the front and back of a paper it places each side in a separate document. Arghhhhh
  4. I have Evernote 5.5 and a scansnap ix500 with software version 6.0 which I use with my iMac Mavericks os 10.9.1. As of today 2/19/14 scansnap will no longer scan multi-page pdfs into a single document. And yes, I do have document/pdf selected and not note/jpg. Yes, when I click the Option button, it has Multipage PDF selected. Even when I go to "Scanning" tab in settings, and select the "Continue scanning after current scan is finished" it still places each page in a separate document. When I choose Scan To Folder or Scan To File instead of to Evernote all the pages are in one pdf. Yet when I switch back to scan to evernote document if places each page in a separate document. I have unplugged the scansnap and plugged it in again. I have been using this feature nearly a year and have never had a problem with it. Any suggestions. I have a stack of documents I need to scan and don't want to have to merge them all!!!!! Frustrated in Fujitsu Land
  5. Until Evernote fixes the problem the simplest solution for me on my iMac has been to do the following before scanning: Quit Evernote. Make sure it does not appear at all in the Dock. If it does, right click on the Evernote icon, select Options>Remove from Dock. When you scan, ScanSnap reopens Evernote (and it appears in the Dock) and your scanned document should appear in Evernote. As long as I don't turn off the ScanSnap, I can continue to scan, but as soon as I close the ScanSnap lid or turn if off, I have found I have to go through this same process again so that I don't receive the error message. From a person uncomfortable with uninstalling and reinstalling and doing other technical stuff with computers. Happy Scanning
  6. Thank you Metrodon. I followed your advice and now can get to Library>Application Support But I can't find Evernote within Application Support as suggested in the first post. (By the way, in the interim I have shut down my computer and restarted it to see if it would show up then. It still didn't) Thank you in advance for your help. Evernote and Mac Novice
  7. Evernote Version 5.0.7 Mac Version 10.8.3 I am new to EN and somewhat new to Mac. I have read many posts on backing up Evernote and they all say my files live in the following location. Here is an example: On my Mac (OS X 10.7.4) running EN Mac 3.3.0, the path to the Evernote folder is: /Users/<userID>/Library/Application Support/Evernote Again, I am not that familiar with Mac. I go to Finder and see my name there which I click on. At the bottom of the window it does indeed say Macintosh HD>Users>my name But none of the files listed under my name are Library, though it does show iPhoto Library. What am I doing wrong? I have also done searches in Finder for Library, Application Support and .enex with no matches or incorrect matches found. I am not worried about backing up as long as the documents are on my computer, because I have regularly scheduled TimeMachine backup. I just want to make sure the documents are on my computer so they can be backed up. And I want to be able to find them. Signed Evernote and Mac novice.
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