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  1. I've just upgraded to the v6.6.2 beta (I usually stay away from the beta versions) and you are quite right, they have resolved this problem. However they have introduced a new minor bug - the Hyperlink submenu now contains Add/Edit/Copy & Remove when there's no hyperlink there yet. Previously it was just the "Add..." and the rest were greyed out until the hyperlink was created. If you click Edit, Copy or Remove before a hyperlink is created, nothing actually happens. It doesn't even copy the custom display text. Evernote developers - if you're monitoring this forum - that's a
  2. It does it even if you don't edit the URL but just ok the existing one. The EN development team should simply allow the hyperlink edit box to have custom display test and URL fields, like most other editors have.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I have restarted and it still does it. My Windows version of EN is and I'm running on 64 bit Windows 7 Pro I've recorded it into a short clip (attached here) EN-hyperlinks.mp4
  4. When a note link or any other type of hyperlink is created, the easiest way is to highlight the text in the note that you want to form the link, then right-click Hyperlink > Add... You paste in the URL and click Ok and the text become a familar hyperlink. However if you then right-click and Edit the hyperlink, then click Ok (even if you don't alter it) the original text is replaced by the actual URL, which is really annoying. The work-around is to first remove the hyperlink and then re-create it. Please either don't let the Editing change the original text or else provide a
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