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  1. As has been noted before, this capability exists for the desktop Evernote clients -- they're called "local notebooks", and they are not synced to the Evernote servers. This functionality is not available for the mobile clients . The likely reason is that the desktop clients maintain a note database that is somewhat permanent; the deal with mobile clients is (or used to be) that permanent storage is limited not guaranteed to exist, so if you lose your notes on your device, they're gone forever. That assumption may be outdated at this point.hmm.. i see. but how about we still can make a backup of local notebook on mobile version? so it wont gone forever when we reset our phone or simply uninstall app. local notebook is necessary for some people which has wonky internet connection to rely on..
  2. um... maybe my suggestion is stupid. how about offline notebook which cant be synced. just offline. you guys doesnt have to worry about server maintaining or anything. and we stiil can use the best of evernote minus the sync capabilties. ads is welcome.. how?
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