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  1. Please consider this another +1 . I recently added someone else's shared notebook and now my browse tag view is pretty much unusable without searching (I have a pretty strict hierarchy of tags in my own notebooks). I'm using latest Mac Desktop client (5.4.3) Thx
  2. Thanks - the first paragraph under section 2 is what I was after. Strictly speaking I know that the terms of use could change, but this is still a pretty strong statement. (and if there's anything in the terms of use that says this aspect *can't* be changed that would be even better to know!)
  3. One of the things I really liked from the Evernote Conference was Phil Libin's statement that Evernote won't ever make indirect revenue from customer's notes, e.g. no ads, no data mining. Is that policy written down anywhere? That would be a statement I'd like to share with people. Thx Mike
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. My poor old iPhone 4S can take a while to get to the home page / quick note on the new Evernote iOS app sometimes so this is great. It had the one necessary sub feature for me which is to pick a default notebook other than the regular account default.
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