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  1. Shame on you Guru, it cost me a lot of lost time and was NOT an obvious way - ie IS a clever, tricky way - to switch between ATTACH and CREATE, ie between Camera and Attach. Hopefully based on the strength of emotions of the customers only 2 is a lot) involved, Evernote is considering alternate methods to make it plainer and simpler to do this kind of thing. I'll say it again: NOT OBVIOUS and it should be. Age of post is also NOT an issue, this is still the way Evernote works, and for everyday users maybe it is not a problem, but try testing newish users. It slips right by and they are left frustrated with the app the love and hope to know - but may not because it appears as a hardware problem (internet? evernote? Android? cosmic ray? too much = find another app. Any mother will tell you: listen to your customers, and when they start getting really frustrated find out what's wrong and fix it. Many belated thanks to you Matt W for the simplicity and elegance of your post. BTW the print was barely readable, but readable enough. THANKS to you both and to all, really, Evernote is a great and indispensable app/software!
  2. I can't find my camera icon either. It comes and goes sometimes. Let me be specific! When a new notice started the camera icon is not at the top of the new note instead some kind of a brain-dead attachment icon is were the camera icon usually is. The camera option is turned on and you can press plus and get a camera note. But the question is when composing in a text note or any other kind of note how do we get the document camera icon to appear instead of the brain dead icon which only lets you attach from the camera pictures already taken? The paperclip is there too offering the same functionality pretty much as the brain dead icon which has replaced the document camera icon in the note that is being edited.?! Please help!!! ASAP this is really a Serious Problem. Android Samsung 5 if it matters.
  3. Ummm .... and please hurry up. ON THE MAC. And...please give us the choice...from inside the note or notebook in evernote...edit this note with Skitch and leave it in Skitch when done, OR edit this note with Skitch and leave it in evernote when done, replacing the note (or note image) with the edited version... AND a third option, edit this note with Skitch and put it back as a new note, leaving the original note intact and the Skitched note in the same notebook with the same name ".skitch" or some such. I just downloaded Skitch only to discover using it with my notes is a multi-step process, and likely just won't use it until this is fixed. Please hurry. Thanks, Evernote is a great product, just needs this teeny tiny little smoother integration with Skitch and it'll be awesome.
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