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  1. It's just amazing that Evernote still hasn't built table editing into their apps/web page. This is core functionality for note taking! At least give us the ability to drag/drop column size. That alone would make me happy. I keep toying with OneNote, but I really don't want to switch.
  2. As crazy as this sounds, someone posted on the play.google.com that if click on the Evernote web clipper then press "TAB" 7 times the clipper box works. I tried it and he (or she) was correct! Maybe this can help them solve the problem.
  3. That may be true, but they did deliver on new Evernote Edition Bags by Côte&Ciel.
  4. It's embarassing that this started back in February and still has not been addressed. I was looking to use Evernote in our company of 300 users and we ended up going with OneNote.
  5. I had been testing this out to see if it was something all the people in our company could use, but I've started using One Note instead. This is a real shame. Especially since they are trying to get into the corporate market.
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