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  1. I hate to say this, but I'm at the point of abandoning Evernote. Whenever I try to open a note containing an attachment, it freezes on me. Every time. I updated to version 7.0, same thing.
  2. Even if this is a Fujitsu-Apple problem, it's something Evernote doesn't need right now when nervous users are already jumping ship in droves. I hope it gets straightened out quickly.
  3. Skitch just looks so cartoonish that it's basically not usable for me.
  4. I think I just need to explore this better to find what works for me. My main thing is that I use Evernote to organize large numbers of research articles I use in my work. When I read through an article there are sometimes things that are useful in a number of different contexts (an article I'm currently writing, an article I want to write, grant applications, something that is useful for a colleague or student, etc). Ideally I would be able to markup, make notes, etc. on one article and tag those annotations and notes in those different contexts. Having a nice summary like in the current annotation summary that could be filtered by context would be fantastic. I know that's a lot to ask and much more difficult to actually implement. That would just be my dream system.
  5. Thanks, but doesn't that rather defeat the purpose? I would like to keep all my work within Evernote. Also, Evernote provides the nice annotation summary at the top of the document. This could be such an amazing feature if you could highlight text more efficiently and add text notes that didn't look like they were made for cartoons.
  6. I would like to have a traditional text selection tool when annotating a note/pdf. The free-form highlighting tools are difficult to use on a laptop trackpad to be useful. I completely understand their utility in certain circumstances and do not want to see them go away, I would just like to be able to drag and select blocks of texts in a traditional manner.
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