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  1. Hi, I just been talking with costumer support and i was advise to inform the forum about my problem with the new version Evernote maps: Last week i’ve upload to Evernote 7, and the main feature that made me become a Premium Costumer, was changed, I’m talking about the Map function. I'm in Sales and each note represents a costumer and if i want to go to a specific area, by looking at maps i could see the other notes and easily decide my daily costumer visiting route. Yesterday I was a bit more satisfied because this feature was updated to ipad, but the map display that is provided is too small to see the notes and i can't have a over view of the notes like i did with the previous Evernote version. In Portugal we have a saying that goes like this: if the team is playing wonderfully we are not gonna mess up with substitutions! please bring this functionality back. thankx
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