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  1. For me, 2 factor authentication (I am assuming it is on your device) is simply a PIA. I am not worried about my data on my desktop but that on the Evernote servers. I didn't know my data is actually not encrypted. That's troubling. If it wasn't for the fact I use both Android and Apple devices, I would use iCloud instead of Evernote. Looks like I have no choice but to implement 2 factor authentication. I have too much personal information that I have to protect it. How does one enable this feature?
  2. Ok, for us dumb dumbs who haven't followed the security threads or spent much time in the forum here. What of the security? I just got an email that this forum has been hacked and my email was divulged to the hackers. If the forum can be hacked, why not our Evernote account/servers?
  3. Latest update has broke the copy and paste functionality. While you can paste to the subject line of your note, you cannot to the body of the note. Please look into and fix. Thank you Edit. Never mind, There is an even newer update to Evernote. Issue fixed...at the cost of a huge file size.
  4. @jbenson2 issues are plaguing not only the desktop app but android apps as well. I know in the past, I had to run a much older version of Evernote (saved as a backup) to be able to use it on my Android device. Granted, I kinda expect more instability with Android due to the many variances of devices out there. However, I do NOt expect such poor programming for a widely used desktop platform like Win 7x64. i am pretty confident that if Evernote's inadequacies manifest themselves on iOS, Apple will quickly lean on them to provide a fix. Obviously, that's not the case on a Windows machine. As stated before, time to find other alternatives to Evernote. Eventually, Evernote developers will need to be able to produce a better product or they will be replaced by some other app that will take it's place. Me thinks this may be something Google is working on as we speak.
  5. Umm. Why do I need to tinker with a workaround when the solution should be behind the scenes within the installer ie. next Evernote for Windows update? I'll continue to use an older version of Evernote and gradually copy and paste my Notes to another app. I shall be encouraging others including blog writers et al to do the same. Evernote support is hideous, to say the least and there should be serious consequences for them as a result.
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