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  1. @gazumped - Yes, I've done that ("File > Exit") repeatedly and it still does not remember my last used view/layout.
  2. I have Evernote installed on several machines, but only one of them seems to "forget" the preferred layout, and always starts with the "Snippet view." How can I force it to remember the last used layout view like my other machines? I'm using Win7x64 with Evernote installed (though this seems to have been happening for the last few releases at least)
  3. Agreed. One long tag, or many short tag lands you in a similar situation, depending on how the page renders. I just notice it most with long tags. In most cases, yes tags this long are crazy, but I use our internal Lotus Notes names to tag meeting notes so I can easily access minutes based on who attended. I can also quickly copy/paste my "people" tags from a meeting notice or an email and paste them into Evernote. The first time you encounter a meeting or email with 25+ people involved, you'd quickly see the value and ease of how I do it. There's no conversion needed, and I have it consistent. I can also then go the reverse direction and copy the tag from a note into an email and get their address exactly right. Especially when you encounter people with the same names, but slightly different lotus notes addresses, your method would break down. I specifically don't want them broken up into smaller parts. I've been using this strategy for some time and it works great, other than this display bug, of course. FWIW, I detest Lotus Notes, but I've gotta work with what we've got at work.
  4. See the video here https://vid.me/wxo Using windows client, v5.4.1.3962 If you have a long tag, the little downward arrow thing to add more tags goes missing so you can't add tags until you expand your screen wide enough to get it back. Please make the add tags arrows/button/hotspot always visible.
  5. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, add the ability to configure a proxy connection option. Many users use VPN or tunnel specific information through proxies. Using the operating system default connection is not enough in many cases.
  6. So, the plot thickens a bit. I was trying to replicate the error and have determined it wasn't exactly the evernote_webclipper.sqlite but a journal file that was corrupted. I have a file called "evernote_webclipper.sqlite-journal" that I renamed along with the "evernote_webclipper.sqlite" file. The journal file is corrupt according to windows, and allowed me to rename it, but I cannot delete that file. Every time I try deleting it, windows throws an error, but happily allows me to rename it. I had renamed the file extension it to ".bad" along with the actual sqlite DB file and everything worked using either the new or old copies of the "evernote_webclipper.sqlite" file. It appears that the corrupt journal, when found by sqlite, bugs out the addon and causes it to throw my "not compatible" error. I could try to send you the journal file, but I don't really think it's of any use now that I've determined it's not the contents of the "evernote_webclipper.sqlite" database file, but the journal that is causing problems. Maybe you can simply add a better error handling routine to catch a SQLite error and not give such a general response of incompatibility?
  7. [FIXED!] I compared the fresh install profile to my standard profile using Winmerge and the only Evernote related difference I could see was in the evernote_webclipper.sqlite file. When I copied the evernote_webclipper.sqlite file from the fresh install to the profile where I was getting the error, Webclipper magically started working again in my standard profile. I can provide you with dumps of the working & non-working data stored in the SQLite files for comparison if you want. I'd post them here, but I'm not sure what info in the database is sensitive to my account and shouldn't be shared publicly for security reasons. Let me know if you have an email address I should send them to, or some other private means of communication. Also, I'd agree - native desktop clipping doesn't work for me in x64 (it's grayed out) - I've only been using the web integration for clipping.
  8. I just created a virgin FireFox profile, and installed the webclipper under Firefox x64. It worked just fine, so as I mentioned above, the addon is already compatible with x64. It seems that the "Webclipper no longer compatible" error is bogus or just some sort of default message. This leads me to believe there is something wrong with how the latest version of the addon was installed in my profile. Can you help by giving a list of what needs to be removed from my profile to manually cleanup what appears to be a botched install? (See here for my failed attempts to use the addon removal feature built into FireFox)
  9. I don't think that x64 Firefox is the issue for the following reasons: 1) Because prior to this recent snafu, I'd been using Webclipper on my x64 Firefox build for months with no issues whatsoever 2) Webclipper gives me the exact same error when I run my profile under x32 Firefox 3) So far all addons (*not* plugins like Java & Adobe Acrobat, mind you) I've encountered have worked flawlessly on either x32 or x64 builds of Firefox. Is there any sort of debugging I can enable to get more information about this issue?
  10. So, am I to assume the deafening crickets in this thread mean I'm screwed and should just abandon the webclipper all together?
  11. I've been having issues with the webclipper in FFv21 and I tried to uninstall it. The uninstall doesn't seem to have worked since it's "stuck" and still says Evernote has been removed, and never actually clears it out (even after a dozen restarts of Firefox), and there are a number of Evernote named files/folders in my FF profile that remain, so I don't think the uninstall of the addon did much of any actual removal. (see screenshot #1) I tried re-installing the addon, and it downloads OK, but fails when installing saying "Firefox can not modify the file needed" (see screenshot #2) I'm pretty savy, and would tackle manually uninstalling if I knew what files & wher to rip it out of the profile. Any help? I can post any debug logs or additional infor you want, just let me know what you need!
  12. All the sudden I am getting an error that says "Webclipper no longer compatible with Evernote service. Please install the latest version" when I click the clip icon. The problem is I'm running v5.7 which should be the latest. I even tried re-installing the addon to no avail. I'm using Cyberfox 21 (x64 version of Firefox) on Win7.
  13. +1 (I've got the same issue) I think it *may* a common issue with .NET applications and RichText formating?? I also use Teradata SQL Assistant as well as MSSQL; both do code formatting which is messed up when clipping the SQL into EverNote. Spaces appear before periods between tablenames & columns when you paste into EverNote. It really causes issues trying to leverage EverNote as a snippet repository. There's a reason almost all modern SQL & coding tools use syntax highlighting - because it make code MUCH easier to decipher quickly. PLEASE fix this annoying copy/paste issue!
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