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  1. The bug is fixed and now released in the latest update. You can grab it here or check for update in the client. Thanks for your patience!
  2. Quick update that the latest v6 release has tag inheritance. The behavior can be turned off from the Options settings if it breaks the established structure/workflow.
  3. The current checkboxes are flexible enough to be used in the way Jim showed above. An alternate option is to use Ctrl + m or the increase/decrease indent toolbar options to indent checkboxes.
  4. Saved Searches are coming back in the upcoming hotfix. Your old saved searches are still there so nothing is lost. Stay tuned!
  5. This is a bug we're fixing. This is not intentional nagging.
  6. We haven't seen this issue before and will investigate. How systematically are you seeing this issue? Can you PM me an enex export of the note?
  7. Atlas is being intentionally phased out and it will not come back. This is a deliberate decision, from 2 factors: This feature is used by less than 1% of our users and iOS/Android already phased that out. The service and API we use to power that feature is getting deprecated and we do not have a viable alternative. This is also a conscious design decision and there are no plans to bring those screens back. We believe the current tag system in the left sidebar provides all the previous functionalities in a similar if not better form. Of course, we will keep improving on the current experience to allow easier organization. Please expand on what use cases are now made harder, and we'll see how this can be solved.
  8. Today, we started rolling out Evernote v6.0 for Windows to the general public. This is a big milestone for the team, and we couldn’t have gotten here without your continuous input and feedback. Of course, this is not the end and there is still a lot to do. For instance, we’ve heard the recent comments on Saved Searches. This was an intentional change to simplify the overall experience. We understand it affected the workflow of many people and are bringing this feature in a hotfix release very soon while we continue exploring how to best evolve saved searches to be relevant for a wider audience. In the meantime, now that v6.0 is officially released, let’s help as many people, new and old, find and enjoy this release. We’d greatly appreciate your support with the public launch of this release, on the blog and on social media! As usual, please keep sending feedback, suggestions, and use cases our way. Many thanks. **EDIT: the release is now updated with a 6.0.6 Hotfix** You can download the updated v6.0.6 here ----- New in 6.0.6: Fixed loss of tag structure on drag and drop of nested tags Fixed bug with subscription expired message Fixed various crashes Fixed in 6.0.5: Saved Searches are back Find your existing and new saved searches in the left sidebar below Tags Create new saved searches from the left sidebar saved searches section or right-click on the search description Fixed crash on switching Evernote account Fixed crash when importing from OneNote 2016 Fixed ENScript exportNotes bug If you’re updating from v6.0.3 beta: Selecting a notebook or tag highlights it in the left side bar. Override this behavior in the settings Added option to trash the original note when copying between Personal and Business. And 30 smaller bugs. If you're updating from v5.9.9 and below, check out the blog announcement and the release notes.
  9. We are getting very close to the public release of Evernote for Windows, version 6. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from all of you so far, and this latest beta brings many fixes and improvements. You can download the latest Evernote for Windows v6.0 beta here. ----- Improved: Performance Search performance is significantly improved on large accounts. Note that this will require a quick one-time reindexing. This reindexing pauses when you are using the application. Not Responding states are vastly reduced and less severe, at startup time, during sync, and when searching. Let us know if you still see these situations. Navigation and Organization Refine your search inside a notebook by tag. Tag filter now only shows tags from notes in the notebook. Search for notebooks and tags more efficiently. Search terms now match within words instead of prefix. Cleaner note toolbar. Customize and hide the features you don't use often in the overflow. Access all the contextual options for notebooks and tags, such as rename and set style, directly from the notebook/tag search. Toggle the behavior of parent tag selection from the Options menu. Show reminders information in top list view and side list view. Create a new saved search with a right-click on the search description. Saved search will be added to your shortcuts. Use Shift+Alt+T and Shift+Alt+N to refine Tags and Notebooks in the Search info Evernote Business Personal/Business Separation Switching context back and forth between Personal and Business now remembers the note and notebook/tag you're in. Added option to show both personal and business shortcuts in a single list in the toolbar. Major Bugs Fixed: Drag and dropping a file from a note no longer result in an empty file. Attachments no longer appear as broken in the note or invisible in print. Images pasted from some screenshotting tools no longer randomly disappear. And other smaller bugs. ----- I’d also like to briefly touch upon several topics brought up throughout the last few weeks: Feature requests: You’ve all contributed many valid use cases and feature ideas. We really appreciate the enthusiasm and carefully considered them. We also had to prioritize our efforts to not further delay the release of version 6 to the general public. Many of these ideas are captured in the backlog and will be addressed in follow-up releases. Consistency across platforms: It is our approach that Evernote applications leapfrog each other regularly, and great ideas are rolled out to other platforms. Ultimately, we are moving towards consistent navigation and organization models, while leaving enough room to let the platform shine. For example the Android/iOS handwriting and the recent Mac quick switcher, are on the roadmap for Windows. Conversely, the Windows personal/business split and colored tags might be moving the other direction. White-ness of version 6: While the goal was to unclutter the application, we do realize the new design introduced some usability issues. We are tweaking the colors to provide a great default option for the public release. From the whole team, thank you for the continuous feedback and help in getting version 6 ready for public release!
  10. We'll be doing this over a Google Hangout or Skype call. We'll ask you at some point, if you're comfortable with it, to do a short screenshare and show us a couple of workflows. No more than that, and no need to hand over any keys. For the logistics, look out for an email in your inbox very soon! Please send us the logs and we'll try to reproduce these crashes.
  11. Thanks for all the great feedback. We have fixed many of the issues you've pointed out and are actively exploring some theme options for the interface to bring more life to it. Our designers would actually love to hear your thoughts on the current v6 beta, your workflows, as well as show you some design explorations. We are still looking for several more people who'd like to jump on a short live session with us. There are still several slots open tomorrow (Thursday 3/31) afternoon, and we'll be adding some more next week. If you're interested in shaping the upcoming release even more, and score some free Premium, head over here to sign up!
  12. We have just pushed a 5.9.9 hotfix that addresses some occasional crashes during reindexing, and the saved search bug brought up in this discussion. You can download it here or update from within the application.
  13. Thank you for all the great feedback on our v6 beta so far. We have made more improvements to the application and will be doing another round of beta in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we're looking for several people who'd like to jump on a quick video call with us to discuss how you use Evernote and hear your thoughts on v6. We'll be running these sessions this Thursday 3/31 afternoon, Pacific time. You'll receive several months of free Premium in exchange no more than 30 minutes of your time. Interested? Sign up here! Can't make it? Tell us what you think of the v6 beta in the forum or in this survey.
  14. This is a beta release of our upcoming v6 of the Evernote for Windows client. The whole team is very excited to show you what we have been working on and testing in closed beta last month. Evernote for Windows v6 is an overall improvement to the Windows client. It is focused on what defines the core experience of Evernote: navigation, organization, search, note editing, note browsing. You can download the Evernote for Windows v6.0 Beta here. After familiarizing yourselves with the new v6, we’d love to hear your feedback through this survey and your comments in this discussion. We hope you enjoy the update and look forward to your feedback! ----- ** Note that if you are updating from v5.9.7 beta 1 or v5.9.8 GA, the application will perform another reindexing in the background, when you are not actively interacting with the app. This is due to the v5 search improvements not yet brought over to v6 and we did not want to delay putting the new version in front of you any further! ** Here are the changes to look out for in this release: New: High DPI support ! The app now looks crisp even on ultra high resolution screens. No more blur from OS scaling. Assisted Search The Search bar is now in a more natural place, at the top of your note list. Search and refine your results even faster with a clearer search description of the results shown. Search now extends to your entire account and suggests refining/expanding your search to help you find the notes you are looking for, even if trashed accidentally. Cleaner Navigation and more powerful Organization Cleaner and brighter overall interface. Larger native note scrollbars that are easier to drag on touch screens. Notebooks and Tags organization: easily navigate, create and organize all your notebooks and tags directly from the Left Panel. Thin navigation bar: turn off the left panel to give more space for your content and still keep key navigation items. Side list view for the note list: view your notes in a high-density list view, now with a vertical split Easier access to trashed notes to recover past notes. Note Editor Improvements Note titles now remain at the top and no longer disappear with scrolling. Quickly jump to notes within the same notebook or with the same tags, when viewing a note. Add code block in the editor, to better display code snippets. Toggle the formatting bar on/off for a cleaner experience when only viewing notes. Tags and Notebooks Styling Right-click on a specific notebook or tag to define a color. This styles the notebook or tag in the Left Panel to make it easier to find. Specific notebooks, such as default notebook, notebooks you have shared, and notebooks shared with you, are now called out in color. The default style can be overridden. Notes tagged with a styled tag will also be visually called out in the note list with a colored tab. (Evernote Business only) Separation of Personal / Business content inside your account Business Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Shortcuts are now visually separated from Personal ones. Choose your context and hide distracting content. There are no more mixed note lists. Quickly toggle and switch between personal or business mode using the Left Panel tabs or keyboard shortcuts Alt+1 or Alt+2 To prevent accidentally moving notes, transferring notes from business to personal is now an explicit right-click -> “Copy to Personal”. Similarly for the other way around. Improvements and other fixes Stability and performance improvements. The app runs faster. Search runs noticeably faster, especially when typing in the first few characters of a keyword The note title no longer clears itself at unexpected times Know issues we are fixing right now Tag filtering in the note list is showing all tags. It will be fixed in the next beta
  15. This is a long-due public GA release of the last beta, with many bug fixes and improvements over the last GA. Most of the changes are under-the-hood to make the application run more reliably and lay the foundations for what’s to come. If you were already on the v5.9.7 beta, the update is minor. If you are looking to try out a bigger update, head over to the v6.0 beta! We hope you enjoy the update and look forward to your feedback. You can download the new v5 GA here. ----- ** If you are updating from v5.9.6 or older, please note that the application will need to reindex your database to enable these improvements. This is a one-time process that happens in the background and only when the application is idle. We do not expect it to noticeably impact your usage. ** Improvements: Improvements to Search Quality Search now returns more consistent search results, across Evernote applications Better handling of CJK languages, especially punctuation and full-width / half-width characters. Added ability to search properties (intitle, author, etc.) in case insensitive manner Removed common English words from search index Search reindexing now happens in the background and pauses when the app is actively used. Fixed multiple sync and performance issues Multi-selection in Outlook Clipper is back Notebook selector displays much faster to quickly jump between notebooks Fixed: Crash when viewing specific PDFs Bug that caused a sync error icon to show unexpectedly Bug when moving a pasted image within a note And many more bugs EDIT - Fixed in 5.9.9 Hotfix: Occasional crash during reindexing Saved search behavior
  16. Support for high resolution displays is currently in private beta and coming to public releases very soon! Feel free to sign up and check out our v6 beta for early access.
  17. Support for QHD resolution is currently in private beta and on its way soon to public releases. Feel free to sign up for the private beta if you want to check it out early.
  18. Thanks everyone for the feedback on 5.9.7 beta 1! I've been reading the replies as they come. A lot of good points made, and I definitely hear the call out about being more active on the forum. The team has been focused on our upcoming v6 client, with many improvements to the overall experience of Evernote. Among them: HDPI support ! Cleaner and more efficient navigation Improved and assisted search and many more. We’ve started collecting early feedback in a limited private beta the past couple of weeks and we’d like to invite more of you into our private beta! If you are already have access to the private area, give our latest v6.0 beta 2 a try. For more context on the changes of v6, we recommend you read this original v6.0 beta 1 post first. If these links don’t work for you, you’ll need to apply for the private beta first.
  19. Hey everyone! My name is Stéphane and I am the new product manager for Evernote Windows. Justin is still around and will spend more time on the Android side of things. Before the release notes, I want to take a minute to provide a brief update. The Windows application has many of our most active and engaged customers; people like yourselves, that love and rely on the product, and sometimes even know its intricacies and workarounds better than we do! As such, we deeply value your feedback, ideas, and opinions. This forum is the place where we will listen, and gather ideas to shape our roadmap. We have been quiet in the last couple of months, and our team has been hard at work to make fundamental improvements to the core experience. Rest assured that we are committed to make this product the best it can be. Bigger changes are coming and we can't wait to show you more than this rough sneak peek. For now, we have a beta containing many fixes and under-the-hood reliability improvements. We’d greatly appreciate if you can try it out and help us catch issues before we roll this out. Then, stay tuned in the coming weeks for a private beta of what we've been up to! Our deepest thanks, - the Windows team --- A new beta version of Evernote for Windows is available. You can download it here **Edit: the DLL error message on upgrade from 5.9.6 has been resolved in the updated download link. ** Improvements Better handling of CJK languages in search Search now returns more consistent search results, across Evernote applications Fixed multiple sync and performance issues Notebook selector displays much faster to quickly jump between notebooks Fixed: Crash when viewing specific PDFs within notes Bug that caused a sync error icon to show unexpectedly Bug when moving a pasted image within a note made it broken
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