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  1. Thanks for the reply! It's the limitations on the free accounts, restricted offline notes & a ridiculously small data allowance, that make them fall short.
  2. My apologies! I am obviously new to the forums and it seemed like there were too many discussions for anyone to see all of my posts... my misunderstanding has been corrected. Thank you for responding anyway!
  3. Of course, if you have a group (aka my family of four), and want to create a group account today, you are out of luck! According to an email from Geo in Evernote Support, "Unfortunately, our sponsored groups feature is no longer available. The feature has been replaced by our new service, Evernote Business..." Then he links to the business site that has nothing to do with the needs of my family. How can you replace a $3.75 per user non-profit/group/club/fellowship/family/posse/grassroots/team-focused service with a $10 per user for-profit/corporate-focused service? I've been working towards opening a group account since I learned about them in November of 2012. Now that I'm ready and attempted it, Evernote says I am out of luck. So this month might just be the only $5 Evernote will ever earn from me... unless they BRING SPONSORED GROUPS BACK! At least let me pay for my wife's and minor children's accounts together. And for heaven's sake, even business accounts should have some sort of volume licensing, or be tiered according to data usage.
  4. I don't see worth in a $10/month business account either, especially since I'm trying to run a household, not a company. I just tried to set up Evernote for my family of four and was told that sponsored groups have been replaced by Evernote Business. I don't know about anyone else, but my family does not need $40/month worth of business accounts. I also don't need to administer four separate accounts with separate billing... for my 2 children, my wife and myself. Nor do I want any of us to have to deal with the restrictions of the free plan. My children are homeschooled and will need offline notes. Their iPod Touches and iPads aren't always connected to wifi, I cant rely on a persistent connection for them to complete school work I should have been able to assign through an Evernote group account. Even if I did set up four separate premium accounts with four separate billing plans, I still can't receive the discount that was available for groups of 3 or more. So now I have to pay $20/month for four people, or $180/year. There is no way my kids are going to use $90 to $120 worth of note organizing every year. I wish I had opened a sponsored group account in November of 2012, when I first learned about them (before the creation of their carnivorous EnB plans). •Premium plan is for individuals •Business plan is for businesses •What plan is there for groups and families? Bring back sponsored groups, Evernote! Please!!
  5. I experienced the same problem. When you tap the account/settings button in the upper left-hand corner, Penultimate becomes unresponsive and eventually crashes. I tried force-closing penultimate and restarting the iPad, but it didn't help. However, this will fix the problem: Delete Penultimate from your iPad, then install it again from the App Store. This will force the app to have you sign in again will fix the issue completely. **Important Note** DO NOT edit any notes, add new note pages or notebooks until AFTER re-installing Penultimate. New notes will not sync or be saved! Evernote should fix this bug. It seems to be triggered when Penultimate tries to login to Evernote with an incorrect password (for me, this was because I had not used the app since Evernote's mandatory password reset after they were hacked on March 2nd, 2013). Did you also changed your password before you found this bug? Since your post was on February 28th, there could also be other problems causing the error.
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