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  1. Here is more detail as well if needed from other users http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/48441-two-problems-1-missing-file-extension-from-url-on-upload-to-ftp-2-share-options-reduced-to-mail-only/#entry246288
  2. When you use skitch, then select the upload option, it auto copies the url to paste, with the 2.7.1 version the extension is _ rather than . Here is an example of the broken url http://www.domain.com/uploads/_mac__Skitch_Mac_2_7_1_is_live__Auto-Update_and_Downloads__-_Skitch_-_Evernote_User_Forum_185A8AEB_pngwhen it should be .png not _png
  3. Where can I get 2.7.0? the .1 breaks upload links
  4. Any idea on when this will be fixed? it's a major bummer for those of us who use this xx times a day!
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