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  1. I am studying Japanese, and have an Evernote notebook dedicated to my class notes. Whenever notes containing Japanese (in the titles, or in the preview text) are in the note list, the note list UI is terribly slow, basically unusable. Using the same scroll wheel motion: My default notebook scrolls a page in the list view instantlyMy japanese notebook scrolls down 1-2 items, with a choppy repainting rate, over about 4-6 seconds.The rest of the UI feels a bit slower as well, but this might just be perception based on the list UI. This happens on all PCs that I have Evernote installed on. Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to deal with it? I opened a support ticket, but they just ran me through the usual steps of sending in logs, reinstalling, then optimizing the database. Then they told me to post here instead.
  2. This has been happening to me since the last update of Evernote Touch as well. Before that, it was mostly stable and my most-used app on my Surface (RT). The crashes usually follow this pattern, in case it's helpful: Start the app, it crashes on startup/login. Start the app, it logs in and displays notes. Opening or editing a note, about 30% chance it will crash when switching to the note's screen. Go back to step 1. If the screen locks, there's about an 80% chance it will crash when unlocking the screen. Go back to step 1.None of these crashes seemed present in the last version, which I used pretty heavily. For now, i've switched to note taking in another app on my Surface, then copying from there into Evernote on my desktop because the constant crashing while taking notes is unusable. Please fix this!!
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