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  1. FYI (for others interested in the same answer) - currently, no, there is no way to do this without duplicating the Shared Note.
  2. Maybe this original question was confusing. What I am asking is - how do/can I organize Notes that have been shared to me via Work Chat? Can I have the Shared Note moved/appear in one of my existing Notebooks, and still always have access to the "latest" version (without having to make my own "snapshot" copy of it)?
  3. Once I receive a Shared Note via Work Chat - is there any way I can get an Alias/Link to it from within my OWN Notebook structure, without having to go to Work Chat to get to it OR without having to make a COPY (which detaches any kind of collaboration/updates)? i.e. I would like to have a "virtual" Note created, within one of my own Notebook structure, that when I click on it, takes me directly to that Shared Note that came from the Work Chat.
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