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  1. Can I set up IFTTT to create a new note with checkboxes in it? I see two potential methods: 1. Create notes from google calendar. Can checkboxes be included via google calendar? 2. On a schedule, it should duplicate a certain note and then give the copy certain tags. Looking forward to hearing your input...
  2. No need for sarcasm. I was just being more specific - I don't need to search for wildcards in the middle of all search terms, only tags.
  3. The thing I really need is to be able to search with wildcards in the middle of tags.
  4. "Please allow wildcards everywhere in the search term, not just the end. Particularly annoying in URL, so that I have to type, say, sourceUrl:http://discussion.evernote.com* sourceUrl:http://www.evernote.com* etc instead of just sourceUrl:*evernote*" -->Please!!!!
  5. Wow - that's pretty comprehensive!!!! I don't think I'm quite far in enough with PHP to do something like this, but I'm definitely going to file what you've said above (in Evernote ) so that one day I can try it out. If I remember, I'll post over here if and when it happens. PS: this is the article that actually got me to once and for all dive into Evernote. I don't do it exactly how he explains it, but more or less. And I'm loving it. Seriously. http://www.thesecretweapon.org/the-secret-weapon-manifesto And the only thing I couldn't do with EN is recurring tasks, so I use Google Calendar and IFTTT for that.
  6. I've been using ctrl-alt-t, but I like the way F3 works better - activating the tag control, instead of opening a new window.
  7. Nice to hear back from someone, anyways! I guess I'll keep waiting and hoping.
  8. Hi! One of my favorite keyboard shortcuts is F3, to edit the tags of the current note. It would be even more amazing if it would work when multiple notes are selected, to go to the tag bar and edit the tags for all of the notes. Is there any chance of that happening any time soon? Thanks!
  9. That perl script worked fine for me. Some of my bookmarks made errors, though. I had to use the "divide and conquer" method on the enex file it made, to isolate the bookmarks that kept the whole script from importing. The other annoyance is that it does not clip the page - it just has the bookmark title and URL. I would love a tool that clipped the whole page. I didn't know you could do that kind of thing with php - I just started learning it, and didn't realize that it was that powerful. I'd love to try writing such a script - do you have a basic idea of how you'd do it?
  10. Thanks! I found a Perl script online, and am giving it a try. http://www.daheim.li/2012/05/01/evernote-bookmark-importer/comment-page-1/#comment-1105
  11. This would be very helpful to me - for most notes I don't care, but there are a few that are personal. I would put them all into one notebook if I could then give it a password.
  12. I want each bookmark to become a separate note in Evernote. Will your idea do that?
  13. Hi! I'm switching over to use Evernote as my bookmark manager. I have loads of bookmarks saved in Firefox (and they sync to chrome via xmarks) - but how can I import them all to Evernote, without doing it one at a time with the web clipper? Thanks!
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