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  1. Hi, I know this feature has been requested many times but I still wanna get my point of view accross and I guess if many people request it has more chance of actually being developped some day. I would really love to see a pre-formatted style function. I can't understand why it's not already been implemented. Some people argue that it's not a text editor like Word but in this case why can you even change the font size or underline text in Evernote? Another awesome feature would be a collapse-and-expand function which would allow you to hide or show text in the same way as many websites like FB ("Show more..."). One click on the "link" or some kind of arrow would unfold the text, another click would fold it back. This would be very handy for large texts and would allow a better classification and more clarity. It would also be great for Question-Answers type of notes by allowing to hide the answer.
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