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  1. So my situation/question is: I have a damaged phone which still works but has been returned for service and permanent wipe. (I couldn't access the files to properly remove my sign-in or log out of Evernote prior to returning the phone, however I did change the password pronto.) In the meantime, I don't want anyone to access my Evernotes. Can I revoke the original device (Samsung Infuse 4G) on account settings and still reactivate a brand new Samsung Infuse 4G? Or will revoking the device revoke ALL Samsung Infuse 4G's (including the new one and the old one?) I can't find anyone having tried this in the KB. Please help as I don't want to lose the ability to use Evernote on my new Samsung when I get it, if I revoke the old Samsung device. Thanks, l3ugglebub
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