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  1. Using anything other than sort by title seems to have fixed my issues as well. Now the only issue is that I prefer to sort by title.
  2. Ever since updating to version 7.3.0, the Evernote app on my iPhone has been really glitchy as well. The frustrating part is that sometimes it works fine and sometimes freezes up when I try to open a notebook. Generally, when I first launch it and try to navigate to whatever notebook, it will freeze, causing me to force quit the app. Usually once I relaunch it after that, it will work fine for a while. I have already deleted the app and reinstalled as well as doing a hard reset a couple of times. It seems like I've read of others having this same issue so hopefully it will be resolved in an update soon. Trying to use the app like this is incredibly frustrating. For the record, I'm running iOS 7.0.4 and I have just under 3.5 GB of free space.
  3. I have tried Skitch but it wasn't really working for me for a few reasons. First, the interface on the iPhone was pretty sketchy (no pun intended). I would draw a line or two and it kept selecting the lines I already drew rather than drawing a new one. Also, theres a really limited selection of colors. It seems like Skitch is better suited for annotating photos rather than making sketches. Although I did like that you could edit the note in Skitch and it would automatically update in EN.
  4. In using EN, I often find myself needing to make quick sketches of ideas and the like. I had been just jotting them down on an actual piece of paper, and then photographing them to bring it into Evernote. That all seems to defeat the purpose of the program, however. Penultimate seems like it would be an ideal solution for me, but unfortunately, I don't own an iPad. I've tried many of the different drawing / handwriting apps for the iPhone (Skitch, Fast Finga, Everpaint) but it seems like there's always something that causes me to eliminate them as a potential solution. Has anyone found one really good drawing app for the iPhone that works well with EN?
  5. I'm using Skitch version 2.0.5 on a iPhone running iOS 6.1.2. The problem I keep having is when I'm drawing on a blank page. After I draw a few lines, when I try and draw some more, rather than adding new lines, what I previously drew ends up getting selected and moved. Is there any way to stop this from happening? I saw someone post the same problem under the Skitch Android category and it was suggested that you should disable the "Wet Ink" setting and activate the "Keep Tools Active" setting, but I can't seem to find any such thing on the iPhone. Any suggestions?
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