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  1. Hi there, My first post in here. I have been a premium Evernote user for many years but I have to ask a stupid question, maybe just me. Over the time I have scanned tons of business cards using Evernote smartphone app, and it is saved both as an image and as text, and threw away the cards. I have never tried to retrieve what I have scanned until recently, and to my surprise, I just couldn't find most of them on Evernote. Not in the tag of Scannables, where I think they should be. Not anywhere at all. I am scratching all my head. Please help. Dong
  2. Thank you! I cannot manually use browser to "re-clip" each every one of them because I have hundreds. That is why I have to use the import folder for automatic importing. I think you are right in saying the pages contain content which Evernote can't interpret, I will look further into those pages to find out why. It is probably not the problem of EN.
  3. It is my first time to post a question here. I have been using evernote for about six months and really love it. Today when I tried to import some html files to EN, I encoutered this strange problem: It seems that EN does not work with earlier version of html file. I have these HTML files from my Windows Live Messenger Chat Log long while ago. They can be opened with any browser without problems. However, when I put them in the import folder of EN, their contents show up a blank in EN. Please check a sample HTML file in the attachment. I tried the most recently saved HTM files however, they work with the import folder just fine, which leads to my speculation that there is something to do with the older version of html file or there are something specific about html from MSN Chat Log, but how do I make them work? Thanks in advance! DS hgquan@hotmail.com.html
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