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  1. It seems that I have mis-clicked and posted to a wrong sub-forum. If possible, moderators please help me move the post to the Mac Evernote section. Thanks!
  2. I am currently a premium user , but due to SSD storage limitations (i am using a 128 GB SSD) , the evernote data files are likely to fill up my SSD very soon. Obviously, The simplest way to resolve is changing the data storage folder or evernote to another HDD Drive. However the OS X app doesn't offer such settings to do so . After some searching in this forum and also by googling, I finally managed the easiest way of how to change the Evernote data storage folder to an another hard disk drive. Here are the instructions: (0) Quit Evernote. (1) Download Symboliclinker http://home.comcast.net/~seiryu/symboliclinker.html and follow the instructions to install it to your OS X System. (2)Open Finder, Go to the place you want to move the evernote folder. Make a symbolic link in finder, by right click > Services > Make Symbolic Link (3)At Finder, Go to /Users/xxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/xxxxxx/content The "content" folder is where all your evernote notes data are stored (i upgraded to premium for 2 months ago . and it had became nearly 2 GB for me already ) PS. xxxxxx is your username in mac and your username in Evernote. Move (or Copy, for an insurance) the "content" folder to the new evernote folder at the another HDD. (4) Copy the symbolic link you had made in Step (2) , Go back to /Users/xxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/xxxxxx/ Paste the symbolic link here, and rename it as "content" (This makes evernote thinks the data file is still in the SSD , but in fact all data files had been moved to another HDD by the symbolic link) Viola! Hope this helps anyone who had limited HDD space but still want to have a massive Evernote database
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