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  1. There were hundreds of votes but when Evernote updated the ideas site all votes for reset to zero.
  2. +1 This would be great. At the moment I just use Courier as a font to get stuff looking different but pygments is a great shout in the mean time. See attached image. I know this has been picked up by an Evernote member of staff but do you guys have a like a voting system or something where we can see what's happening. I appreciate you cant accommodate every feature that comes in but would be worth knowing how you guys see the feature fitting or not fitting . This would be much better.
  3. This got me really worked up today. Link clipping is great on the web, I don't understand why they cant do something for mobile... Anyway, whilst Dolphin does a great job (I was pleasantly surprised), Its difficult to escape safari on iOS. ... I created the following Ifttt.com action (https://ifttt.com/recipes/128250) to solve this. Pocket has a great bookmarklet (mobile optimised too) which lets you add tags and this action basically uses that to send stuff to Evernote. If you don't mind leaving Safari having copied the link, the Pocket app can send to Evernote nicely too. Looks like this...
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