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  1. that's it! that would be a great addition to evernote IMHO....too bad they won't do that. thanks. ~Brian
  2. granted I'm a productivity software junkie, so I see lots of different approaches to solving common problems. One of the most useful I've run across is in notestorm; you can (using evernote terms here) embed a note w/in a note. Let me give you an example: Say I have three projects across three different stacked notebooks (Inbox, Proj #1, Proj #2, Proj #3). Each project notebook has a to do list associated with it complete with tickboxes etc for that project. Rather than going to each to do list, or embedding links to each of those lists (which I do really dig BTW) I would like the ability to more or less do an iframe in a 'parent note' meaning if I open up a 'master to do list' I could embed all the tickboxes etc from all of the sub projects to do lists. Then as I complete them, I can see all of that in one centralized place. If I make updates from the project to do list, or if I make the update from the master to do list, it's all the same. this may have been in my head for too long, so that might not make sense to some people; and it may be that there is a way to do this that I', not currently aware of. I would appreciate any feedback the community may have on the notion; I did run a search, but didn't see other people as having asked for that feature. thanks, ~Brian
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