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  1. On 2/28/2020 at 6:58 AM, CherryDT said:

    I have a workaround now. I hope it can help others as well.

    I wrote a script that converts the plain text in the clipboard to HTML that is accepted by Evernote as a code block. You can then easily paste the code without messing up formatting.

    If you paste it outside a code block, you will get a code block with your code inside.

    If you paste it inside an existing block, you will also get the code pasted correctly, however it will insert one extra line break before it. You have to remove it manually.

    1. Install AutoHotkey
    2. Download the WinClip library
    3. Get my script
    4. Place evernote_code_wrap.ahk (my script), WinClip.ahk and WinClipAPI.ahk (from the WinClip library) next to each other in a folder
    5. Run evernote_code_wrap.ahk

    Now, you can press Ctrl+Alt+V to convert and paste. (There is also Ctrl+Alt+P to just convert inside the clipboard without immediately pasting.)

    You can set up AutoHotkey to load the script automatically when you start your computer.

    I used the idea from CherryDT to create a bash script that will work for users of macOS.


    But it does little to fix the frustration that comes from even needing such a workaround.

  2. On 3/9/2016 at 8:23 AM, mirevans said:

    Please forgive a question from a newcomer.... I would like the default format for new notes to be ToDo and bullet lists. I can get to that point with two clicks of the mouse, but I'd like new notes come up ready to go in that format. I've checked Preferences (Mac, 6.5), but I can't find a way to do this. Does this option exist? Many thanks!

    Welcome, newcomer. What you have done here is called "hijacking a thread". It's not just frowned upon in this community, but everywhere on the internet. Create a new thread for new topics/needs. Include the address of this thread in yours for reference if needed. This behavior is very important because hijacked threads often become double the length that it would have needed to be otherwise and 50% of the info is noise to someone who found this thread searching for the original subject. Conversely, someone with the same need as you may not find the answer in this thread because when they see the unrelated subject in search results they are likely to skip it. It just makes finding answers and getting on with your life much easier when we obey this convention.

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