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  1. I last posted to this thread in 2013. It's 2017 now and, when I upgrade Evernote, the icon I so carefully pinned to my taskbar vanishes and I have to dig Evernote out of the Start menu when I want to launch it. I will follow the advice of filing a support request, if I haven't already (over four years, who can remember?) but honestly, if Evernote as a corporation doesn't read its own forum, why have it?
  2. Second vote for this particular issue being fixed. I prefer not to have Evernote start up with Windows, but only when I need it. But every update removes the pinned icon/shortcut from my Windows taskbar, and I have to dig in the Start menu for it. This is a case of respecting the user's wishes. If the user goes to the trouble of adding the icon to the task bar, the upgrade should respect that choice. Thanks.
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