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  1. that's what I was afraid of. It may make more sense to just use One Note for work, and continue with Evernote for personal, and not cross the streams. I've not had good experience with sharing to/from when it comes to free accounts in the past. Does evernote support being logged in under two accounts?
  2. I have a personal Evernote account that I pay for, which uses my personal email address. I also use Evernote for work notes, and I would like to be able to share some notes with coworkers without giving them my personal email address, as well as receive notifications that they have edited the shared note on my work email instead of my personal email. Is there a way to have two email addresses on the same account, and choose from which address I wish to share when I start to share a note or notebook? Evernote Business is not in the cards right now, so any workflow that involves Business is irrelevant.
  3. I signed in to Penultimate with a different email address than I use for Evernote and then started using it without catching my mistake. Now I have several notebooks that I'd like to move into Evernote but don't see a way to do that. Am I going to have to start over or is there some way to save the content I've already put into my notebooks under the wrong email?
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