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  1. Right - tags. I can't seem to filter by more than on tag on iOS
  2. After years of using Evernote, I've come to adopt Tags and see it as the way of the future. Tags solve for the one downfall of folders and that is "what do you do when a file belongs in multiple folders?". A system enhancement related to this would be to make the functionality of the app the same as the desktop and online versions where you can sort your notebooks by selecting multiple tags. So far, I've only been able to sort notebooks on my phone one tag at a time.
  3. Suggestion: Add an inventory feature. This would work much like the check-boxes. The inventory could be driven by text entry or a picture. The check-box functionality would then have to have a number so that you could enter the quantity of the object. I came to this idea when I was thinking of my friends wine cellar. He keeps his inventory on a spreadsheet. Evernote should be able to do this. I would think this could be expanded to include a functionality for a DVD library where you could indicate to whom you lent something.
  4. Suggestion: All notebooks should have folder properties. Currently the Stack, is inconvenient. It is not easy to make sub folders upon sub folders. I see no reason why every folder shouldn't be a stack.
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