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  1. Fair enough. I am backing things up right now. After that I'll update. I'll let you all know what happens. Thanks! Be back soon.
  2. I have this strange phenomenon occurring, and just now as I was logged on here, it happened again. Please bear with me if it sounds convoluted. I am trying my best. I use the desk top version and do not synch anything. But in the last couple of weeks, synched notebooks have made their appearance, seemingly out of nowhere. They have 3 numbers as names, in the 800s, and they are empty. The first time it happened, after freaking out a little, I deleted them. A few days ago, new ones appeared, (3 of them all at once) and this time I can't delete them. The only way I know how to delete is right-click and press delete, but when I do that, nothing happens. They are still there, and in fact, I now have a forth one, brand new, only a few minutes old. Does anyone here have a clue what this is about? Is this some kind of virus? Spyware? What? I am really troubled by this. There is a reason why I don't synch my notebooks, and now it seems there is this way in from the outside that somebody or something found, and I can't defend myself. Please advise. Thanks.
  3. This is my last post for the day since I am a new user and limited to 5 posts. Here is my question: I have tried to backup my EN files to Spideroak, but had to stop when it indiscriminately started to upload everything which of course is crazy. I should be able to pick and choose which files I want to upload. Unfortunately, it's impossible to discern which files contain notes. Has anyone here experience with backing up your files from EN to a backup service?
  4. Ok, I appreciate your trying to help, but please read what I wrote. I never said I lost my data. I said I NEVER CLOSED EN on my desktop, therefore was able to continue using it. So far nothing got lost because I never closed it down. (And frankly, if I had known that I was practically going to be forced to synch my files I wouldn't have started to use EN in the first place.) I would absolutely love to back up my notes. The problem is, I can't tell which files in EN are the ones containing my notes. When I started to backup EN into my backup service, it started to back up the whole entire program, and I had to stop it and delete what it had done. I then looked in detail at all the folders and was unable to tell which ones contained my notes. Do you happen to know about this?
  5. I am soooo confused! I have been using the desktop version of EN for the past couple of weeks or so, accumulating quite a few notes. Then, when EN was hacked, we were told to reset our passwords. I did that but then was presented with a pristine version of EN - completely empty! I suspect that's the web version. Throughout all of this I have been using the desktop version without ever closing it down. The problem is that I lost my pw to that one, and I am afraid that the new pw that they gave me after the hacking won't let me access the desktop version. Am I correct on this? The reason this has become an emergency is that Windows needs to close down for updates, and every few minutes it keeps telling me it will shut down. HELP!!!!
  6. I wouldn't recommend it. I am all for clearing clutter, but let's me be real - you can scan and store your birth certificate somewhere, but you still need the original hard copy, so I don't quite understand your dilemma. What's the advantage of saving it in Evernote? Are you going to shred it afterwards? You can't do that anyway, so what's the point? Get a safe deposit box at your bank and place all your important documents in there, birth certificates, passports, etc. Stuff that eventually you are going to need to retrieve and present to other people. I would not save anything important in the cloud, not with EN or anyone else. There are backup services that double encrypt and who do not collect your password, which means that their employees can't get access to your stuff. It also means if you lose your password you are screwed. As far as safety from hacking - who knows...
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